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Elesafe - XL


Elesafe provides superior super thin and 100% odour lock protection. Its Dri-Weave Cover provides soft, dry protection and the Super Absorbent Core pulls fluid deep into the core and away from the edges.

All orders are placed in packets. 1 packet contains 7 pcs.

Single Use Syringe


Single use syringes are made of nontoxic, medical-grade polypropylene compatible with all medicines.

All products ordered in Box. Quantity: 100 pcs/box (2 ml, 3 ml and 5 ml), 50 pcs/box (10 ml)

Blood Transfusion Set


Use in delivering measured and regulated blood and blood components to patient. Constitutes of Cylindrical drip chamber with / without vent & filter to prevent passage of any clot into the patient.

All orders are placed in cartoons. Quantity: 500 pcs/cartoon